Tuesday, August 16, 2016

An Idea

The Background and Premise

I grew up going to Missouri State Parks... and I always wanted to go to all of them.  My lovely wife had been to several of them herself, and together we went to more.  Then, Tiny Camper arrived in our life and we decided to try something different.  Every state park in Missouri that has camping, fun reviews and adorable pictures of our kid.  This blog is how we're keeping track.

Why One Tank Ethic?

Our central location and reasonably fuel effecient vehicle make the vast majority of the state accessible to us on one tank of gas (there and back.)  Thus, One Tank Ethic.  We'll probably go ahead and get the corners, but the idea is to spend time together as a family and see the great state of Missouri, all while providing you with helpful reviews and adorbs toddler pics.

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