Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Land of 1000 petroglyphs

Thousand Hills state park outside Kirksville is a lake with a trail. Decent campsites with established trees and some concealment, marina and restaurant. Swim beach with frolicking co-ends from nearby Truman State with aggressive-damn-it-we-mean-business chain-link fence to close the beach at dark.

There are some incredibly old petroglyphs carved in rocks.  They built a house around it because some idiot named Lee added his petroglyph to the extant ones. Way to go, Lee.

The ten mile trail is not a loop, but does have what it describes as a backpacking camp 4 miles in.  If we're up this way for a graduation, we'll probably try that out.

I think this is another boat park, with a touch of hiking, not unlike both Table Rock and, to some extent, Lake of the Ozarks.

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